What does that term mean?

Picture this, you go out looking at home theater components and just as you feel like you have a good handle on the kind of speakers that you want to buy you walk into a store and the salesman tells you that the speakers that you are looking at are not any good and he starts throwing jargon at you that you do not understand but sounds real enough.

Don’t go believing all of these salesman. One of the best methods for getting a buyer to buy what you are selling is to confuse the buyer and bring forward a problem and then offer a solution to that problem. The best way to avoid this is to know what the terminology is at least at some level. Here are a couple of sources that should really help you out as you read product reviews and meet with people in stores.

Home Theater Magazine Glossary

Home Theater HiFi Speakers

Remember that as you go out looking at products that it is best to shop around and have fun with the experience as you go out learning and buying your components for your new home theater.

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