Dlink Wireless Home Media reciever

DSM-320.jpgDigital Home Canada is a great site that has a very full review of the DLink Home theater receiver that works wirelessly to stream media from your computer. I put this review up because I think that this is a fantastic product.
Billed as a digital entertainment centre, the D-Link DSM-320 Media Player is a wireless networking device that connects your home network to your home theatre. By connecting the two, you can play media files (music, video and photos) that are stored on your computer through your TV or stereo.

Digital Home Canada had the opportunity to install and test the DSM-320 in our home and detail our findings in this review.

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DSM-320 Overview
The DSM-320 (shown below) measures 16.7 inches wide, 11.4 inches deep and 1.7 inches (about the size of a slim line DVD player) and comes in a matte silver finish with a black strip across the width of the front panel. The only button on the front of the unit is the power button so you’ll need to control the DSM-320 with the remote. The 43-button remote includes all the buttons you’d typically expect on a standard A/V remote and adds direct access buttons for music, photo, video, and online media.

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