Should You Use a Wireless Home Theater System?

Whether to use a wireless home theater system falls under the heading of personal choice, but there are some positives you might not have heard about when it comes to this type of system.

The way it’s defined is described differently by users who own some wireless home theater components. Someone who has speakers that are wireless might tell others he or she has a wireless home theater system. Technically, that’s incorrect – because a system is a set of combined components all meant to work together as one unit. Speakers are only a small part of that total unit.

Wireless installation is easier to install and start using. You won’t have all those ugly cables sticking out to ruin your décor. There won’t be as many cords to create fall hazards lying around to trip you or a guest.

But besides aesthetic appeal, what’s so great about going wireless? For starters, you’re buying a slice of the future. Ten years down the road, wireless everything will be a way of life for all us because that’s the way technology is growing. Systems that rely on a network of cables to work will be as outdated as big 80s hairdos and 1960s bell bottom pants.

Will you substitute quality when you buy a wireless setup? Not at all. You’ll still get that same crisp picture and clear sound – both so sharp you’ll think you’re sitting in the theater.

You can buy a wireless system all in one where everything you need is tucked into a box just waiting for you to put it up. You do want to be careful and know your components and what the sound and quality ratings are for each. That way, you won’t be talked into buying a substandard set.

Or you can take the system you already have and buy components that are wireless and just add on until every piece is wireless. There are pros and cons with either way of doing it.

With the already boxed system, you get it now, no waiting, but you have to buy what the budget allows. Even then, you might end up paying over a thousand dollars for a good setup. With adding on, you can afford to spend more a little at a time and buy better equipment.

When the term wireless comes to mind, some people automatically assume there won’t be any wires at all and that’s simply not true. You will have some wires with a wireless set up, it’s just that with a wireless home theater, it won’t look like you have a bunch of octopus tentacles lying around near your home theater equipment. But getting great sound and visual clarity plus not having all the clutter around is a better way to have a home theater.

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