Cheap HDTV for your home?

As obvious as the answer to this question may seem to some of you, there are actually more than one reason you would want to buy a cheap HDTV. The top 3 reasons to purchase an HDTV at a lower cost would be:

1.) budget,
2.) buying for your children and
3.) buying more than one.

Let’s explore these reasons in more detail…

1.) HDTV On A Budget
This is the most obvious reason. You’ve noticed a trend that your friends, family and all the rest of the Jones’ are getting bright shiny new HDTVs and it’s eating a hole in your wallet not to have one of your own. But when you check your budget you realize why you don’t already have one – you’re ‘extra money’ isn’t as plentiful as you wish. Remember, no one – other than you – have to know how much your HDTV cost.

2.) HDTV for your children
This is a situation I found myself in recently. My pre-teen is asking for a HDTV for Christmas. Wow! I think I was asking for a $10 action figure when I was his age… but I digress.

Now granted it probably isn’t worth buying an HDTV for your child just to watch TV shows in high definition. However, if you have purchased (or plan to purchase) a newer video game system like the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 then you’re really wasting your money without having it hooked up to a HDTV.

3.) More Than One HDTV
Have you just moved into a new house and want to have all new high definition TVs? Have you decided it’s time to step up to the 21st century with your television viewing and want to upgrade a few of your rooms? Imagine soaking in a hot jacuzzi bathtub with a 27″ HDTV starring down at you. Now that’s luxury living and if you do it correctly, you can purchase cheap HDTVs and not have it break your bank account.

Ok, if you fit one of these situations don’t worry there are solutions for you to get what you want without spending a fortune. First decide if you can wait 4-6 months. If you can then the in-store prices will drop. If you have to have it sooner rather than later then look for auctions, clearance and refurbished items. If you can find clearance or refurbished HDTVs that still have a warranty that’s the best.
is dedicated to help you make better HDTV buying decisions. Step 1: Check out our HDTV review videos to find the model you’d like and Step 2: See our Top 3 Cheap HDTV solutions.

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