Proper Lighting Makes Home Theater Systems

home theater lightingThe best possible location for the average home theater would be a basement room that allows very little or no natural sunlight to sneak into the room and home theater lighting is a critical consideration.

There are so many things you can do in a basement that simply intensify the home theater lighting of your average home theater. From actual stadium or theater seating to rope lights that line the side of the walls (where it meets the floor) for low ambient home theater lighting that will not distract from the screen or cause any unnecessary glare. Out of the many things you can choose to enhance your home theater, home theater lighting might actually be one of the most important as well as the most often overlooked.

If you are fortunate enough to have a basement, this is an ideal location for a home theater but don’t despair if you live in a climate that isn’t exactly conducive to home basements. Even in the sunshine basement there are steps you can take in order to prevent too much light from affecting your home theater lighting experience. Some good ideas with which to start would be to purchase black out curtains that prevent sunlight from creeping into your room. This looks much better than the old fashioned quick fix of placing aluminum foil over your windows for sure. [Read more…]

Proper Seating Key to Home Theater Enjoyment

There are a lot of things that go into creating the perfect home theater that many people may never consider when purchasing individual components, pieces, and parts. A good home theater is much more than a place to go and watch television at night; it is a movie and television viewing experience. You need to make sure that you are creating a room that is not merely comfortable for one or two people but for everyone that will be enjoying the opportunity to view movies, films, or television in this room.

One way to ensure that everyone will be comfortable and easily able to view the screen and consequently enjoy the experience you will also want to pay close attention to the seating you choose for your home theater. There are many different seating options for the average home theater system. Some of the most popular at the moment is what is considered the ‘theater recliner’. In fact, many home theater lovers prefer watching movies at home for the comfort of the seating alone. I do however recommend including options for people to put their feet up (my number one complaint when it comes to going to actual theaters). Most theater recliners allow this option. [Read more…]

Create your Personal Home Theater

We often spend a great deal of time contemplating the various components of our home theater systems but rarely give much thought to how the decor of the room affects our ability to enjoy our home theaters and movies without the added distraction of the walls in the room or other decorating features. In order to get some great ideas, go to the experts when it comes to designing the best possible viewing experiences.

Take a night out at the movies and check out the way the room is decorated before the movie begins and pay attention during the movie to the things that distract you most.

Theaters make a lot of money by creating an experience more than for the simple showing of movies. The first thing you will probably notice is that most theaters do not allow outside light into the room. As a matter of fact, most theaters have very little in the way of artificial light either.

You may spot some wall sconces and some running lights (that can be brightened or dimmed) along the sides but rarely will you notice any overhead lighting turned on even before the movies play. For this reason, basements or interior rooms with no windows are the best choices when it comes to selecting the location for your home theater. If that isn’t available be sure to try to find blackout curtains or drapes for your windows in order to keep the most possible sunlight out.

The colors they chose for the walls and the types of lighting they are using are carefully selected in order to enhance that experience. I’m sure you will find that most theaters use darker colors for their walls. Many use fabric to line the walls so that shiny paint doesn’t reflect the light from the screen. In your home you can opt for textured paints or mattes in order to avoid potential reflections. You should also make sure that you aren’t using shiny floor surfaces that might also reflect the light back onto the screen. For this reason carpet makes a good flooring choice for your home theater.

Another thing you will want to make sure that your home theater includes is nice comfy seating. By having appropriate seating where you and your family can spread out and enjoy watching television or movies you will find that you are spending much more time together enjoying your investment than you would if you found the seating stiff and uncomfortable. I also suggest special seating options for smaller children that allows them a special place to sit and no room for doubt over which seat belongs to whom. Not only do you want a nice comfy spot for your little ones but also a nice area for the grownups to enjoy and feel comfortable as well.

I highly recommend that you also keep a nice supply of snack trays available for those times when the situation merits and many people include mini fridges and microwaves (for popcorn of course) in their home theater so that they do not have to travel very far in order to enjoy some great refreshments during commercials or breaks in action on the big screen.

While there is no one size fits all home theater, there are many touches you can add that will enhance the theater experience in your home and make it that much more enjoyable for all involved. Take the time to decide what features you can add that will make the space work better for your needs and that of your families movie and television watching preferences and go with those touches rather than trying to conform to a ‘norm’ that doesn’t really exist when it comes to home theaters. The most important thing you can do is create a space in which you feel comfortable watching movies and television as a family. If you achieve this particular goal you will have a home theater that is likely to be the envy of others around you.

Finding Comfortable Home Theater Seating

You don’t want to pour a lot of money in setting up your home theater system only to discover you haven’t given much thought to your home theater seating. Most movies today are around two hours to three hours long and if you watch more than one at a time, that’s a chunk of time you’ll be sitting down.

You don’t want to get chairs that make the entire viewing experience as comfortable as sitting on a concrete block. How much fun will you have if you dread sitting down in the chair? Get chairs that are too hard and when you stand up, your bottom will ache. Too soft and you’ll end up with back or neck aches.

Some people select a room they know will be their permanent home theater viewing room so they hire an installer or do it themselves and bolt the chairs in. This is one of the worst mistakes you can make.

You won’t know how you like where the chairs are situated until you’ve tried them out for a little while. If it turns out you don’t like where they’ve been bolted down, then you’ve got your work cut out undoing them and repositioning them. Then you’ll have to fix the holes in the flooring. [Read more…]

Seating for your home theater room

Yes I know that I have covered home theater seating before but this top 6 list of home theater seating info is too hard for me to pass up posting so that you can make a better decision on what to furnish that room with.

With the help of latest technology, so many things have been made to come true which were not even dreamt earlier. In the similar manner, earlier we used to go to the theaters to watch movies, but now the time has come to bring theaters to your home and enjoy the real and original fun of theaters at home.

There are many factors that influence the designing of the home theaters. The most important one is its seating because the spurious and authentic fun of home theater can be felt only if there is full comfort and easiness.

Tips To Select Home Theater Seating

It is really good to have a surround-sound home theater system, but it will be of no use if there is no comfortable seating in order to enjoy and relax after having a hectic daily schedule. There are so many things to be kept in mind before going to select home theater seating. For example, it should suit your decor, should be fully comfortable, etc.

There is a wide range of home theater seating from the movie theater seats to the home theater couches with footrests. The numerous designs and varieties of home theater seating are offered by different companies that generally make the customers perplexed. The following tips can assist you in choosing the perfect home theater seating.

1, The first thing to be considered while choosing the home theater seating is the number of persons to be seated in the room possessing home theater as the arrangement of seating will be done accordingly.

It is always recommended to have a spacious room for your home theater. In as spacious room, the seating plan can be done properly avoiding congestion and preventing overcrowding.

2. The most important feature of the seating is the comfortability and the easiness as one has to sit for approximately 2 hours to watch the full length movie. The seats should possess wide armrests to maintain the right balance and the sliding footrest should extend before as the backrest reclines. This will help in giving the support to the body.

3. The most important thing to be kept in mind is the budget. You should first set your budget as there is a wide range of prices. For example, a three-seater Rodeo Leather Lounge with built in wireless bass shaker, recliner, footrest, and wide armrest rolls that costs around $4700 is the best.

4. You should always opt for that type of home theater seating which suits your decor and should embellish your home theater. There are different types of seating like upholstered home theater seating, the timber’s natural woodgrain brightened with an oil finish, etc. with a wide range of colors like pinks, browns, etc.

5. The home theater seating should consist of strong and durable couches and seats.

6. There should be a proper stability and flexibility at the seat and back, and the seat should possess high density foam cushions in order to offer extreme comfort and back support. The seats should be capable of providing support from head to toe. Therefore, only those seats should be selected that are fully comfortable in each and every manner so that it should become relaxing and entertaining to watching film.

Therefore, the most important thing to be considered before planning to have a home theater is its seating. brings you the latest on the home theater. Home theater’s are popular, and we want to bring you up to date information! Be sure to check out our latest information page on home theater seating.

Home Theater Furniture

Home Theater furniture is something that is important to look at if you are interested in making that living room of yours a little more comfortable to watch a movie. There is a reason that they do not have big baggy couches in a movie theater so you should think about this as well.

Home theater system may be best for you if you want entertainment and relaxation after a long day of work. Setting up a home theater may be what is best for you. Home theater is a luxury for some. This is because not many people can afford it however, knowing the basic components of a home theater may help you enjoy this modern entertainment. Know the basic components you need for your home theater system including home theater furniture to acquire the theatrical experience right in your own living room.

Basic home theater furniture such as home theater chairs and television cabinet may be good for your home theater set up. Other furniture that will enhance the home theater set up may be necessary but the home theater chairs and television cabinet are two of the basic home theater furniture that you may need. Other home theater furniture may be added dependent on the size of your living room. Apart from the home theater furniture required, the most important component of the home theater system, after considering the size of the room, are the three basic gadgets.

The three basic components of the home theater system like the television set, the speakers and the DVD player. Even for a small living room, the size of the television set should not be less than 27 inches. You may not want to watch a movie in a very small screen. You may consider adding other equipments like home theater projectors, and for bigger rooms, you may add home theater projector screen. For the home theater furniture, the seating is a major consideration. The television cabinet is a secondary consideration of a home theater furniture. Adding other home theater furniture will give more life to your home theater system. However, we leave the recommendation to home theater experts especially concerning home theater furniture.

You may consider acquiring their services if you have bigger room for your home theater system. They will be able to advice you more particularly to the power rating requirements and speaker requirements like if you need an amplifier or other home theater furniture. Hiring the services of a home theater designer will add to the possibility of acquiring the most entertaining home theater system with complete home theater furniture.

A well-designed home theater system will be beneficial for the busy executive who needs to relax after a long day of work. If the home theater is not properly set up, the home theater experience will not be relaxing and entertaining. The surround sound will help you forget you are inside your own living room and not in a movie theater, but if the speakers are not of high quality, the sound may be irritating in the ears. Avoid having to suffer this, and enhance the possibility of a real-life movie theater experience with your home theater and the inclusion of home theater furniture by ensuring that a home theater designer will design it for your enjoyment.

Having your home theater room designed for you

Having to be able to bring home entertainment may be a luxury. This is because only very few households can afford home theater system. Of late, only the rich and the famous can afford such luxury. This notion is now a thing of the past. Home theater systems may now be available to greater number of households because of the knowledge of basic home theater design. The basic home theater design may only require three basic components and these three components may already be affordable for the working class.

However, before you may need to think of the basic home theater design for your home theater system, you may need to know the size of the room for the home theater set up. The size of the room to where the home theater will be set up will depend on how basic the home theater design needs to be.

Home theater experts recommends that if the room is quite small, all you need for your home theater design is a television set, three speakers and a DVD player. The home theater design may be dependent of the shpre of the room; however, the position of the speakers remains to be the left, the right and the center of the room. Basic home theater design may require a television set bigger than 27 inches. Too small screen for your home theater design may not be sufficient for a movie theater-like experience. This is because even for the home theater design, you may need to consider the sight and sound of a movie theater. It is the main consideration why people go to a movie theater, the big screen and the surround sound. With respect to the surround sound of a movie theater, the basic three speakers is only applicable for smaller rooms, if the room is bigger, the home theater design needs to be more than three, you may go up to six speakers and a complimenting subwoofer may be necessary for the surround effect. Going back to a small room, if you will only put three speakers, you may want to consider buying a high quality brand speaker; this will give you enough surround sound for a smaller room.

If you have a small budget, ensure that the store where you will buy your speakers will allow you to test the product in your room and if it will not give you a good surround sound, they should allow you to return or replace the unit. This is because some speakers sound good in the store but when you finally set them up in a small room, the effect is not very good. Find a neat deal where they can allow you to return or replace the speakers. However, if your budget is sufficient, you may consider hiring the services of a home theater designer. Your home theater designer will be able to design the home theater better and with complete accessories. He may require checking the power rating, and the need for amplifiers. He may also recommend using home theater projectors and he may recommend how the speakers need to be. You will get a good home theater design if you will be able to hire home theater designers. The need for home theater seating and television cabinet may also be necessary for the complete package of your home theater.

You may enjoy the entertainment without having to tide traffic jam and enjoy in your own home theater system.

The basics of a home theater

The theater is a good place to watch movies and relax. This is because you watch the movie in a wide screen with Dolby or DTS surround sound that can make you easily get lost in the movie scene. The picture and the sound is the most entertaining part of the theater experience. However, if you can bring this technology home and with lesser expense, this is definitely something you will enjoy. This is the concept only a few American homes acquire in the past years. Lately late, however, a good number of American homes are starting to be less interested in going out of their home to watch movies. This is due to the evolution of home theater room system.

A simple home theater room is easy to set up. All you need is a television set that measure bigger than 27 inches, a DVD player and three speakers. These are the basic components of a home theater room. This may already give you the home entertainment you can enjoy with the almost theatrical experience. Why do I say almost, when I am sure you want the perfect feeling of a movie theater. This is because there are other equipments you might add to complete the home theater room experience that will ensure a cinematic experience right in your own living room. As mentioned already, you may still enhance the three basic components by adding home entertainment furniture; however, everything is dependent on the budget you set for your home theater room. The size of the room is another consideration of the complete package of your home theater room.

A neat advice however by home theater room experts is that you need to find a good size television set for you home theater room set up. A good size does not mean the biggest you can find in the store. A good size television is dependent on the place in your house where you will set up the home theater room. Big is not always good for you home entertainment system. It is a recommendation, however, that the television set should not be smaller than 27 inches. This is because the projection on a smaller television might be too inferior for your home theater room.

Another recommendation is for you to find speakers that will give you the surround sound from high quality brand of speakers. In addition, you need to be sure that if you do not find the speaker that gives you enough surround sound, you need to be able to return it. There are speakers that sound good in the store but when you put it in a room, it may not sound well enough that will satisfy your requirement. If the store allows replacement, then that is a good deal. In addition, you may need to choose a good quality DVD player. It is however a belief by home theater room experts that all DVD players deliver clear and crisp images, although there are those that promise a flicker-free picture, almost all DVD players provide this feature.

Knowing how big the room where you will set up your home theater room will be the basis of how big the television needs to be. The size of the room is another consideration for the number of speakers. If the room is somewhat big, you may need more than the basic three speakers. Adding a subwoofer may also do good to achieve the best surround sound if your home theater room is place on a huge room. The ultimate of course is 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound where you have speakers all around you as well as a subwoofer to give you that low pounding sound that is so impressive in a theater.

So there you have it. A TV that is big and wide as well as some surround speakers hooked up to a simple amplifier will give you a home theater room experience only a few people could experience only a few years ago. A home theater room designer may be of big help in ensuring you will have the best home theater room set up that will give you the best possible movie experience right in your own living room, but I will leave that for another post.

Star Trek Home Theater room

star-tek-theater.bmpI know this story has been all over the tech news lately but it is kinda funny and kinda crazy. One man had decided that he wanted to have his home theater room look like the bridge of Captin Kirk’s Enterprise on Start Trek.

There is not end to the decor you can do to a home theater room and this mod is nice, cute and kind of strange in my opinion but at least it opens us up to the idea that anything is possible for your own home theater room.

Keeping the sound in your home theater room

sound-interior.jpgRebecca Day has a nice article about how to keep the sounmd in for your home theater instead of letting it be diffused into other rooms

Installing a home theater next to a master bedroom can be a recipe for waking nightmares. Preventing those bad dreams in this southern California retrofit was the first priority for electronics installation firm Audio Images.

Audio Images called in Anthony Grimani, president of Performance Media Industries, to tailor a sound isolation solution for the theater overhaul. Grimani plugged the leakage paths by reconstructing walls, installing a floating ceiling and reducing vibration transfer between rooms.

The theater’s scalloped ceiling serves as part sound absorber, part diffuser, and Grimani prescribed acoustical treatments for the walls, including absorbers, diffusers and bass traps. All acoustical materials are hidden behind stretched fabric on the walls and ceiling. Add a little noise control for the adjacent furnace, air ducts and projector fans, and all’s quiet in the bedroom—even when the theater is cranked.

The stunning woodwork in the theater is the most impressive feature of the space, according to Audio Images president Mark Ontiveros. Because workers were unable to alter the framing of the room, installers elected to mount the projector in the master bedroom closet. Utilizing a closet shelf is a fairly standard solution for a projector installation, but Ontiveros hit a snag when he proposed renting out permanent shelf space for the Runco piece. “The wife didn’t want to give up any closet space for the projector, so we had to mount it into a soffitt and install a fan to keep it cool.”

When it’s not a theater, this 10 seater is a karaoke joint. Audio Images wired the karaoke music server into the sound system and included multiple microphones.

Whether it’s a theater or karaoke house, it’s a great place for entertaining.