Biggest Home Theater Buying Mistake

I have had several home theater systems over the years before building my current home dream theater, and I have known many people with home theater systems as well.  Advances in technology have greatly increased the quality of the home theater experience.  We know have very thin flat screen television, gone are the date of the cathode ray tubes and rear projection big screens are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Most recently high definition has made an incredible impact and will soon become the new standard definition, as blu-ray discs will replace DVDs.  But with all these improvements in picture quality, there is a persistent weakness in home theater systems.  The sound.  Invariably home theaters will have a great picture, big vibrant and detailed, but paired with a mediocre sound system.  This comes from the misconception that a great movie watching experience comes solely from your screen.  Nothing is farther from the truth.

A great picture will give you the illusion that you are looking through a window frame into what the director envisioned for the film.  Having a equally good sound system will take you through the window and put you right in the middle of the film. You can be transported into the middle of a jungle, where you hear a howler monkey off in the distance on your right, footsteps behind you.  Suddenly someone in the front of your search party has stepped on a mine, and you feel the impact of the chest-pounding explosion throughout your body.  Out of nowhere gunfire comes out the jungle brush to your left, you flinch and feel compelled to take cover…

A solid high end sound system is equally, and in my opinion, more important than the size and definition of your screen.  Sound is a enveloping, experience.  You can feel it as well as see it.

Unfortunately, the lack of emphasis on quality sound even extends to many theaters.  Your home dream theater can easily exceed the quality experience of your local theater house.

You are probably more familiar with TV technologies than with quality audio components.  I strongly recommend you do a little research at sites such as, or as well  for home theater advice, reviews and tips.

Roger Sandoval an audio and video enthusiast. A dream home theater is a great addition to any home, enjoy movies, sports, or even home movies like never before. Building your dream home theater can be an expensive proposition, so be sure to check out and find the best prices, reviews and buying advice on building your dream home theater regardless of your budget.

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