Best Buy survey of home Theater issues

Here is some interesting information although it is in a press release from Best Buy so it has their own marketing spin on it. It seems that Best Buy feels that ease of installation is one of the big factors wehn it comes to buying a home theater although I think that this is probably not as true as most people worry about this only a few minutes before they make their purchase.

Hoem theater installation is really only a one time event, unless you move a lot, and either can be done by yourself or of course you can get a professional in to do this critical step. There is a cost and if you can justify the cost of installation then that is best overall. I myself have always done my own installations although there is really not too much to it in my eyes.

Women’s influence on consumer electronics purchases is quickly growing, and according to a December 2006 Best Buy Omnitel Survey, their interest goes well beyond aesthetics. In fact, when it comes to the technical aspects of setting up a home theater, women have even stronger feelings than men. For instance, 74 percent of women list sound quality as a very important aspect to consider while only 54 percent of men feel the same.

Women are clearly paying attention to the details of technology today and are taking an active role in the selection and performance of their home theater system. More women than men feel sound quality, ease of use, price, and installation services are “very important.”

Very Important Women Men
Sound Quality 74% 54%
Ease of Use 67% 45%
Price 69% 50%
Installation Services Available 38% 23%

“Deciding on an HDTV is an emotional purchase – we’ve heard from many couples that it can be as complex a decision as deciding on a car or even a house,” said Mike Vitelli, senior vice president of consumer electronics at Best Buy. “Best Buy understands our customers want their HD done right. That’s why we offer consultation, products and installation services to give our customers a home theater experience that fits their unique needs.”

If they can’t agree who gets control of the remote (38 percent of respondents say they are somewhat or very likely to argue with their significant other over the remote control), at least men and women agree that picture quality is the most important aspect of selecting a new HDTV. Eighty percent of men and women surveyed ranked picture quality as being very important in their HDTV buying decision.

While the technical side of the home theater is important, the survey found that both men and women agree that size does indeed matter. The majority (57%) of flat-panel TV owners surveyed agree that bigger is better when it comes to flat-panel TVs. Aesthetics matter as well. Both men and women flat-panel TV owners agree that they even like their flat-panel TVs when they’re turned off (52%).

Home Theater Installation
When it comes to installing a home theater, nearly half of men say they are “very confident” they can do it themselves while just three in 10 women say the same. In fact, the majority of women surveyed (51%) say they are “not at all confident” about installing a home theater themselves.

As a result, the option to have home electronics professionally installed is more enticing to women. More than half of women surveyed (61%) agree that they would be more likely to purchase an HDTV, as well as an entire home theater system (57%), if they knew they could have it professionally installed.

HD Done Right
Gone are the days of buying a TV, plugging it into the wall and turning on the game. With the advent of digital cable, digital surround sound and HDTV, installation of a new home theater system has become something to leave to the experts.

“There is some confusion with customers who may think that just because they purchase a new HDTV they are getting HD programming,” said Vitelli. “Best Buy offers the HD Advantage, an offer that gives customers a financial benefit for purchasing a television, an HD source and Magnolia Home Theater Installation Service together. We want to help ensure that our customers are getting the true HD experience they expect with their purchase.”

Some Disagreements Remain
While men and women are agreeing more than ever about the importance of quality home theater, some disagreements still remain.

Nearly half of women (45%) say they are likely to disagree with their husband or significant other over the TV volume, while just more than a third (35%) of men say the same. Women are also more likely than men to say they would disagree about where to install the surround sound speakers (40% vs. 30%).

Survey Methodology
The Best Buy Omnitel Survey is a questionnaire conducted by phone from December 15-17, 2006. The total sample size is 1,004 with 697 a spouse/significant other. The margin of error is +/- three percent.

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